If you're looking for an architecture firm that will meet your needs, there are several options to choose from. Whether you need residential or commercial design, you'll be sure to find one that is right for you.

Invent Architects 

Invent Architects in commercial architecture company in coimbatore specializes in a number of niches, from retail spaces to residential interiors to full-service design. It has built more than one hundred projects across the country, and its portfolio boasts the likes of the aforementioned celebs. Known for their high-end design and construction acumen, it's no wonder their clients have come to expect top-shelf service. This is why the company's motto is "stack em up" and they are willing to go the extra mile for the right price.

Marvel Architects

Marvel Architects is a global firm with offices in New York and San Juan. It is focused on creating thoughtful, solutions-driven designs. The company has received more than 125 industry design awards.

To be eligible for an interview with Marvel Architects, applicants must upload a CV and complete a job-J1 Visa application. They also must be members of Architect-US. The applicant should have a portfolio to upload. There are a number of questions designed to learn more about the candidate.


The Lemay Architecture Firm has a strong commitment to sustainability and provides groundbreaking solutions for the built environment. From corporate buildings to public space, the firm works to develop a holistic approach that delivers tangible value to its clients.

The company is involved in the design of a new migrant detention centre in Laval, Quebec. In addition to this project, the office has been targeted in a series of attacks. According to an anonymous post, the attackers broke into the Lemay partner's car and burned his BMW.

Scott Henson Architect LLC

Scott Henson Architect LLC is an award winning architectural firm with an impressive portfolio of buildings. While the company is not new, the name may ring a bell owing to Scott's previous tenure as an architect with the city of Manhattan. The firm has earned a reputation for being the architects of the big apple's eminence pseudos, with a number of awards and accolades to match. Among the accolades, the company was also named among the top 20 firms for contract procurement.


CetraRuddy Architecture is an award-winning international firm. The firm has been praised for its expertise in interior design and architectural planning. With an emphasis on creativity and resourcefulness, the company develops projects that are intellectually crafted and uniquely responsive to the needs of its clients.

As a firm, CetraRuddy has developed a portfolio that celebrates the diversity of the world. Its work spans diverse scales, from large-scale residential and commercial buildings to public space and cultural projects. Through analytic research, the firm creates interior environments that are exciting and inspiring.

Bernheimer Architecture

Bernheimer Architecture is an affordable housing design firm based in New York City. The firm has completed several commercial and residential projects in the city. Its portfolio includes mixed-use buildings, high-end residential projects, and affordable housing developments.

Two years ago, employees of the architecture firm started a campaign to unionize. They were the first architecture firm to do so in the United States.

The union, which is affiliated with the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAMAW), will eventually include a majority of the firm's workers. Their main goal is to improve working conditions and create better architecture for all.

Starchitect offices

A starchitect office is an architecture firm that specializes in a particular program or field. This can range from acoustically challenging performing arts buildings to technically challenging research science laboratories. It also includes architectural firms that develop new technologies for use in architecture.

Starchitect offices can be any size. Many of them start out as small businesses and then grow into larger firms. But the key to success is finding the right staff to support your architecture practice.

An efficient design process can deliver your project quicker and for less money. And if you have a good management system, you'll find that your office runs smoothly.


OMA is an architecture firm based in Rotterdam and New York. Their design process integrates engineering and programmatic concepts, and they often take on projects with unique requirements.

Some of the most notable buildings designed by OMA are Seattle Central Library and the Netherlands Embassy in Berlin. The company's work is also found in Hong Kong, Doha, and Beijing. Currently, OMA has several buildings under construction in Qatar, Shenzen, and Copenhagen.

While OMA's primary objective is to provide practical architecture, they approach each project as an opportunity. They have worked on a number of cultural projects such as Bryghusprojektet and Prince Plaza.